Escort Angelina

Escort Angelina - beautiful girls from Prague

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Phone number420777566756
Breast typeSilicone
Weight (kg)53
Height (cm)177
Hair colorBrown
Are you a smokerNo
A gentle and sensitive and emphatic girl needing a lot of freedom and movement. She manifests her feelings spontaneously. She loves everything that is uncomplicated and direct. It's a gentle girl who can be also a guaranteed passionately desirous tomboy. She loves sex and eroticism. She always feels exactly what she wants and knows how to tell about it. She is very friendly, devoted and reliable. She likes adventure and is open to the world. She likes experiments. Sometimes even risking. She is always ready for everything new, exciting, stimulating. She seamlessly adapts to new ideas and sudden…

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1 hour - 400 EUR
2 hours - 550 EUR
Night price - - EUR

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