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Escort Cathy - beautiful girls from Prague

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Phone number447563352001
Breast typeNatural
Weight (kg)56
Height (cm)169
Hair colorBlonde
Are you a smokerFor the company
Cathy is a gentle and extremely likeable beauty, who conquers men’s hearts as their companion. Stylish and always elegantly dressed, her charm and intelligence captivate everyone who meets her. Her natural erotic charisma is a source of never-ending fascination. A gentleman who invites her out for a romantic dinner by candlelight can look forward to a very special sweet dessert. Cathy absolutely loves wearing sexy lingerie, and has a real penchant for letting a strong man remove it. As it is gradually revealed, her heavenly body responds to the slightest touch – it is calling out to be stroked and…

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1 hour - - EUR
2 hours - 450 EUR
Night price - - EUR

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