Escort Donatella

Escort Donatella - beautiful girls from Prague

Main information

Phone number420777566756
Breast typeNatural
Weight (kg)58
Height (cm)168
Hair colorBlonde
Are you a smokerNo
A healthy confident girl with incredible optimism and with the joy of life which she beams to her surroundings. Generous, wishing with a sense of humor. A passionate and very sensual creature, full of erotic magnetism, who can be her partner the perfect lover, seductress and wife together. She is incredibly communicative, very friendly and open, and at the same time full of tenderness and empathy. She can empathize quickly to any situation. She is the perfect companion as for romantic dinners and moments as for a journey of discovery and adventure. She is attracted by all the hidden, mysterious and…

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1 hour - 250 EUR
2 hours - 350 EUR
Night price - - EUR

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