Escort Kim

Escort Kim - beautiful girls from Prague

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Phone number420777566756
Breast typeNatural
Weight (kg)52
Height (cm)165
Hair colorBrown
Are you a smokerFor the company
A kind and an assiduous girl, standing by the two feet firmly on the floor, worshiping solid ethical principles. She is a grateful gourmet who loves sensual delights of all kinds. She is very natural, cheerful and companionable. In flirting and seduction she has an enormous fantasy. She longs for love and is willing to become crazy by the love and be pulled away by it. She has a deep ability to empathize. She can combine spirituality and eroticism. And she has a feeling for white magic. She is a great romantic. She is willing to play at any time, for something new and exciting. She likes traveling…

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1 hour - 300 EUR
2 hours - 400 EUR
Night price - 800 EUR

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