Escort Linda

Escort Linda - beautiful girls from Prague

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Phone number447563352001
Breast typeNatural
Weight (kg)58
Height (cm)175
Hair colorBlonde
Are you a smokerNo
Characteristically ambitious and a high achiever lady who takes great pride in bringing a high standard to everything she does. Linda enjoys living health, active lifestyle and works out regularly to keep her body sexy and looking gorgeous. With her saucy, naturally warm sensual appeal she can flirt, laugh at herself and with one naughty wink of her blue eyes will have you weak at your knees. Linda is genuinely sincere, caring and she will give you full of her attention. She is easy to talk to and she will make you laugh at her wit or draw you into a deep conversation on world events, art and…

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1 hour - - EUR
2 hours - 450 EUR
Night price - 850 EUR

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